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The Nigerian constitution specifically states that the president has no powers to send members of the armed forces on a limited operation abroad without approval from the national assembly EXCEPT if national security is under IMMINENT threat. Even then, the president will still get parliamentary approval within 7 days.
But Buhari has deployed Nigerian armed forces to force out Yahya Jammeh and bring in Adama Barrow. And he did this without approval from NASS.
Because the president elect, Adama Barrow is a Fula (Gambian for Fulani) while Jammeh is Julia.
So if you are wondering Nigerian interest in Gambia, stop wondering. Adama Barrow is fulani, just like Buhari. And as you all should have known by now, in Nigeria, fulani interest equals national interest.
Kingsley writes from Lagos

The Nigeria Police under the instruction of the Nigerian Military, has on Thursday night, clamped down on Premium Times Head Office, in Abuja, while whisking away the Publisher, Dapo Olorunyomi, and the paper’s Judiciary Correspondent, Evelyn Okakwu.
They said that were acting on a complaint filed by the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai.
The paper’s Editor-in-Chief, Musikilu Mojeed, condemned the raid.

    “They should stop deluding themselves, that they can muzzle the Press, and intimidate PREMIUM TIMES.
    “They should know that our loyalty lies with our readers and the Nigerian people, who have a right to know”, said Mojeed.

He added, that the paper will continue, “to discharge its responsibilities in line with global best practices, social responsibility, and patriotism, even at great risk to our personal liberties”.
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The embattled Senator from Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso is reported to have concluded plans to join the fray for the battle for the presidential ticket under the All Progressive Congress [APC] with the mindset of wrestling the party structure away from the president against the 2019 presidential polls. Information available to 247ureports.com reveal that the embattled Senator has set up committees located across the geo-political zones geared towards preparing for a potential showdown within the APC for the presidential ticket. According to available information, the committees have begun work and have received the necessary financing from the Senator.

It is against the readiness to battle the President for the APC ticket that the Senator organized street-youths to accompany him to the funeral ceremony of the former Niger State governor, Kure. While at the funeral grounds, the embattled Senator and his street-youths began chatting war-like songs in Hausa language demeaning the President of Nigeria and calling for his replacement with Kwankwaso. The street-youths rained praise songs on Kwankwaso as they followed him around. A source who was present at the grounds indicated that the “thugs were intimidating and very disrespectful“.

The source recalled that Senator Kwankwaso had repeated similar behavior in Kano when the present Governor of Kano State was burying a loved one. The embattled Senator arrived the event and rudely turned the event into campaign grounds for the kwankwasiyya group. He was accompanied by street youths who were chatting war-like songs demeaning the President and calling for his replacement with Kwankwaso. Sources who witnessed the display by the Senator and his street boys described the actions of the embattled Senator as childish and in bad taste. “He was rebuked by many“.

Close political associates of the embattled Senator indicate the Senator’s desperation levels has reached a high point. “He has relaunched a detailed investigation into the educational background of the President” with the aim to uncover if the President had actually attended the secondary school that he claimed he graduated from.  A committee has been set up to that effect. Another committee is set up to dig into the financial dealings of the President and his close family associates including his wife, children and others. The committee was tasked to uncover the mode of payment of school fees and housing cost for his children while they were schooling in London.

Beyond the investigative exercise, Senator Kwankwaso is reported to have employed the services of the spiritual underworld from far east in India to help him with spiritual magic and/or prayers against the 2019 primaries within the APC. Our source reveal that his signature red cap comes from his association with Indian spiritualists and cultists. The red cap is a mark of his membership in the spiritual cult. This is according our source who also serves as a political ally to him.  “We know him for his spiritual prowess. He is feared”.

Presently, the embattled Senator finds himself battling for survival at the hands of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] over financial dealings while at the realm of affairs in Kano State as the Governor of the State for four years. The EFCC had placed him under house arrest following the magnitude of corrupt activities uncovered during his watch as the Governor. The case remains ongoing.
The Senate has on Wednesday, January 18, passed the 2017 – 2019 Medium Term Expenditure Framework, MTEF, and Fiscal Strategy Paper, FSP, retaining the exchange rate of N305 to $1, as proposed by the Executive, but raised the proposed oil benchmark of $42.50 in the 2017 budget, to $44.5 per barrel.
The Senate’s decision was the fallout of the adoption of the recommendation of the Joint Senate Committee on Finance, Appropriation and National Planning, on the document.
Presenting the report, the Joint Committee Chairman, Senator John Enoh, observed that the huge gap between the official exchange rate and what is obtainable in the parallel market, had created what he described as, ‘several loopholes in the system’.
According to the Committee, there has been a slight improvement in the global demand for crude oil, adding that, “a weaker US dollar and improving sentiment on broader financial markets, have also boosted crude oil price.”
Defending its decision to raise the oil benchmark, the Committee said international oil industry watchers have forecast that oil prices are gradually heading towards $60 billion.
However, the Committee retained 2.2 million barrel per day oil production volume, observing that the projection is achievable, if the Federal Government makes concerted efforts to stem the tide of militancy in the Niger Delta.
The Committee also recommended the approval of the Federal Government’s borrowing plan of N2.321 trillion, made up of N1.253 trillion as domestic borrowing and N1.067 trillion external borrowing, and charged the Federal Government to be focused, and ensure that the loans are used to finance critical projects capable of increasing productivity, which will in turn yield revenue to service the debt.

It further approved the government independent revenue projection of N807.57 billion, as contained in the revised MTEF and FSP, just as it approved the projected N5.122 trillion non-oil revenue in 2017. It tasked the revenue collection agencies to, “intensify their revenue collections drive to boost the non-oil components of the revenue.”
However, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce (Bayelsa East), faulted the approval of N305 exchange rate, describing it as baseless, and out of tune with the current realities.

    “You have pegged the exchange rate at N305 to the dollar. Now this is fine, however, nobody in this room today can go to the bank and buy the dollar at N305, and so we have an exchange rate that is ridiculous”, he said.

He added: “The black market is about N500, and it is only about N200 differential. Between 1960 and 1980 despite the civil war, when (Chief Obafemi) Awolowo was Federal Commissioner for Finance, the country was moving on without borrowing a penny. In the exchange rate between the official and black markets, there was no differential. In 1980, it was $1 97 cents to the Naira, and the difference between official and black market was N10 kobo.

    “When (Shehu) Shagari was overthrown on December 31, in 1983, the official rate of exchange was N3 to the dollar, and the black market was N4 to the dollar. So, it was a N1 differential. Three years ago, it was a N10 to N15 differential between the black market and the official rate.
    “Today, it is N200 and so, it is better for businessmen to round trip, than to manufacture. The point I am making is that the exchange rate we have is encouraging round tripping. When the exchange rate encourages round tripping, we will never close the gap, because the richest people in Nigeria today are treasurers of banks. The exchange rate is wrong. N305 is unrealistic, and that is the point I am making.
    “The currency should float, and it has been floating since independence, and for it not to float means that the naira will never be strengthened. For the past two years, the naira has consistently been devalued from N225 to N500. Let us address the issue of foreign exchange. Please, let it float,” Senator Bruce pleaded.
The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari, is already bidding farewell to Aso Rock in 2019, because Nigerians have already rejected him.
Fayose who stated this in Ado Ekiti, during an interactive session with some Journalists, regretted that under the two years of the APC government, Buhari had made life worse for the people, rather than improving their lots.
Post-Nigeria, had earlier reported that Buhari has been under pressure to handover to a new successor, come 2019.
While speaking, Fayose added, that Nigerians do not need counselling to reject Buhari, during the 2019 general elections.
According to him, the  poor performance of the party has already made the people grow weary of him and his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC.

“Nigeria of our dream is not what we see now. All what I said about President Buhari are coming to pass. Before the polls, I said people should not vote for him.
“Nigerians are hungry, and they are regretting. If a nobody contests against Buhari in 2019, Buhari will lose. Nigerians don’t need counselling to know that they should not vote Buhari in 2019. It is obvious.
“Majority of those who voted for him never really knew him, as they were mostly in their 40s, people who were toddlers when he ruled Nigeria as a military man in the 80s. Apart from his military nature, he does not have what it takes to run Nigeria.
“His government then was run by (Tunde) Idiagbon. He is also not tolerant. You can’t compare him with Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. Jonathan accepted defeat in an election he conducted,” he stated.
He however, expressed surprise that former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, could also level corruption allegation against the PDP, when he spent eight years as President on the platform of the party, which was in power for 16 years.
On whether a mega party would be formed to wrestle power from the APC, Fayose said time would tell, adding that he remained a committed and loyal member of the PDP.
Senate President, Bukola Saraki; his Deputy, Senator Ike Ekweremadu; and Chairman, Senate Committee on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes, Chukwuka Utazi; on Thursday, clashed, over the deployment of Nigerian troops to Senegal, en route The Gambia.
The clash started when Senator Utazi, relying on Order 43 of the Senate Standing Rules, and Section 5 (4), of the 1999 Constitution as amended, noted that President Muhammadu Buhari erred, by deploying troops outside the country, without securing any permission from the Senate.
Utazi said: “ECOWAS countries have been discussing the political crisis in The Gambia. But to ask that this country will go on a warfare in another country without a recourse to the constitutional provision, is an affront of the 1999 Constitution. It is a breach of the Constitution, and we have failed. Let it be on record that the National Assembly has to be informed properly in writing.”
Section 5 (4) of the 1999 Constitution as amended, quoted by Senator Utazi reads: “The President shall not declare a state of war between the Federation and another country, except with the sanction of a resolution of both Houses of the National Assembly, sitting in a joint session.
“Except with the prior approval of the Senate, no member of the armed forces of the Federation shall be deployed on combat duty outside Nigeria.”
Saraki, while responding, faulted Utazi’s claims and argued that President Buhari was still acting within the confines of the law. He said President Buhari can deploy troops, as long as the operation does not exceed seven days.

Quoting Section 5 (5) of the 1999 Constitution as amended, Saraki maintained that until the expiration of seven days, no one can fault the action of the President.
Saraki argued: “The point made is noted, but the explanation concerning the Constitution is confusing. I believe the Constitution gives room for the President, within seven days for such an action to come before us.”
Section 5 (5) quoted by Saraki reads: “Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (4) of this section, the President, in consultation with the National Defence Council, may deploy members of the armed forces of the Federation on a limited combat duty outside Nigeria, if he is satisfied that the national security is under imminent threat or danger. Provided that the President shall within seven days of actual combat engagement, seek the consent of the Senate and the Senate shall thereafter give or refuse the said consent within fourteen days.‎”
However, Saraki was countered by the Deputy President of the Senate, Ekweremadu. He warned that as Parliamentarians, it is wrong to subject the Senate to ridicule, adding that, setting a bad precedence will hurt them in the future.
Also relying on Section 5 (4) (b) of the 1999 Constitution as amended, Ekweremadu said the President cannot deploy troops outside the country, without any prior approval from the National Assembly.
Section 5 (4) (b) of the 1999 Constitution as amended reads: “Except with the prior approval of the Senate, no member of the armed forces of the Federation shall be deployed on combat duty outside Nigeria.”
According to the Deputy Senate President: “This has nothing to do with war, and we are not at war with anybody, but for you to send the Nigerian armed forces outside Nigeria, this Senate must be told. But it is happening in The Gambia. They need the approval of the Senate, because that is not war.
“War comes in when you are talking about section 5 of the Constitution, and the President does not need our approval. He can go to war on our behalf and come back later. But for you to deploy them to The Gambia, you must seek the approval of the Senate,” Ekweremadu added.
No official position was taken by the Senate on the issue, as Saraki did not allow other Lawmakers to contribute to the debate. He did not rule either on the issue, but moved ahead to accommodate other businesses of the day.
Following the disappointment experienced by most MMM investors who are not able to get their money, MMM Nigeria administrators have begged their members to exercise patience as it is doing everything possible to match and pay members.
The statement was posted on its Twitter page and reads: “Some of the PH orders matched today. Be patient, we will all be paid. Pls honour your PH pledge or cancel it now b4 it is matched.
The matched members to Get Help (MMMNigeria on Twitter)
Many of the participants in the scheme have expressed anger after the administrators removed the GH option – it is however believed that the issue has been fixed. Many people have expressed disappointment for their inability to get money they invested.
The cracks within the MMM community in Nigeria have continued to widen with many of the three million participants in the Ponzi scheme losing patience and trading accusations due to their inability to get their money out of the scheme after waiting for more than a month.
After being mocked Nigerians opposed to the scheme and fed excuses by those behind it for over a month, confidence in the scheme is declining with participants questioning its mode of operation and faulting explanations offered by guiders.
The discontent with MMM became evident this week after all payment (Get Help) requests by participants were removed by the scheme. The development meant that even the poor or small investors that the scheme said upon its ‘return’ on January 13 it would pay before higher investors were equally frozen out.
Ironically, the frustration follows the wild jubilation that followed its return on January 13.
[b]“We were patient for a whole month. What were you guys doing during that period? It’s not right that after you made us wait for so long, you are now making some upgrade or whatever without pre-informing us. You are now preaching patience,” a participant, Busola, wrote on one of the schemes help platforms, mmmhelp.blogspot.com.
When accused by an anonymous participant of being rude and refusing to calm down, Busola fired back, “Dear anonymous, why not carry cane and start flogging me? Last I checked it was a free world. There’s no law against me saying my mind or ranting as you claim. Plus if I can remember clearly, you didn’t pay for my subscription so who the f**k are you to ask me why I am ranting. You really don’t want me to divert my attention to you,trust me. I don’t know you and you won’t wanna know me…”
Another participant with the username Jane suggested that participants should be made to provide help before getting help, saying, “This is what majority of your participants want, this is Nigeria, nobody is going to willingly PH once paid for fear of not being paid again, we are ready to PH to GH because then we are sure there would always be somebody to pay us.”
However, she was told such a move would negate the MMM ideology. She warned that the scheme was losing trust as a result of the problem, saying, “Making people wait endlessly without hope of getting their money back negates MMM ideology even more so chose which is better,100 per cent loss of trust which is ongoing or 50 per cent loss of trust.”

Joseph Adeiye accused the guiders of collapsing the system and made a call for guiders to provide help to sustain the system. His view was shared by several people including one Olamide, who posted, “Those guiders are the reason for the problems the system is facing. A guider GH 2.4m but he only PH 300k. Imagine that f*^k%*ry! They are all thieves and will not want to PH. Greedy bastards.”
He added, “They had a whole month to do this stupid upgrade but they didn’t do anything. I am seriously suspecting that they are intentionally causing the panic so that the system will crash. Bastards!!!! All of dem”.
When a participant, Sunday Olawoyin, called for patience and for the MMM administrators to be commended as one month was not enough for the system upgrade, he was attacked by aggrieved participants including one Ike Oko.
Oko retorted, “Quiet your mouth there. A site can be running and still be upgraded, it is just a matter of uploading the files to the server. Do stop saying wizard, wizard this. All programmers and even ordinary web developers can do it too. Do shut your trap .”
An anonymous participant, however, continued to defend the scheme, and expressed surprise that people were not satisfied with the explanations provided for the challenges.
“Let’s be patient and understanding… Have you considered the fact that maybe there is not enough PH (help) to go round? You paid to somebody and you need someone to pay you.”
In response to the anonymous comment, MMM Nigeria help replied, “Together we change the world.” But that only enraged aggrieved participants with Jane posting, “MMM is just mocking us with dis useless slogan of “together we change the world” can’t you see it’s not working in this case? chai! dem warn me I no hear.”
A participant with the username, Fagsam, lamented, “I’m getting tired and losing confidence in this system already. People are now making mockery of me that “didn’t we tell you not to do mmm?”… Everything needed should have been done during the break…. Sad something.”
As the debate raged on, some participants begged those behind the scheme to pity them, while others were worried about the growing panic and negative reports it would generate.
“Please, MMMNigeria, don’t fail us because we have never failed you people since we started…We are just speechless,” wrote Chinaza Abel.[/b]
But some have given up on the scheme with one of them posting, “This MMM is fraudulent. Poor people like us are suffering so much. I wish I never put my money on MMM. God will forever punish MMM and all the people behind it, forever and ever.”
The Peoples Democratic Party Senators at the Nigerian Senate Senate were all shocked this morning when it minority status as the Senate further shrank as a senator representing Akwa Ibom South, Nelson Effiong, cross-carpeted to the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

The lawmaker announced his defection to the ruling party on the floor of the red chambers at today’s plenary.

Effiong, who cited party crisis as his reason for defection, said,“Over the past one year this party has disintegrated; because of the crisis in the party, I have decided to resign from the PDP and join the APC.”

In his reaction, the senate Minority leader, Godswill Akpabio, frowned at the decision, saying the lawmaker has automatically lost his senate seat because he became a senator under the platform of the PDP.

‎Akpabio warned that the party will contend Effiong’s continued stay in the senate in court.

Recall that a senator from Ondo south, Omoyele Omogunwa, had in November 2016, defected from the PDP to the APC.
Nigerians from all works of life yesterday converged on Abuja to hold a one million man march in support of President Muhammadu Buhari's administration.

The march that took off at the popular wuse market took the protesters through the Popular berger roundabout to the wuse 2 district and thereafter terminated at the Ascon filling station in wuse 2.

The Ascon filling station which used to be known as the occupy nigeria ground during the Goodluck Jonathan Adminustration is now renamed after President Buhari as the prosperity ground where Nigerians are expected to gather to appraise the performance of the government from time to time.

The Chairman, Movement of the people, Comrade Okpokwu ogenyi who lead the protest alongside with other leaders spoke glowingly about the excellent performance of the present government.

Okpokwu said, "let me thank you for taking time off your busy schedule to attend this rally in support of our dear President Muhammadu Buhari today. Your willingness and sacrifice to enable you come here today speaks to the positive impact Mr President's government has had on our lives.

"But it is a sacrifice we must make. It is important that we come here to let President Buhari know that he is doing a good work while we also point out areas that can be better. This is because of a new trend where people try to make political gains out of the ongoing economic recession.

"A lot of them have been grumbling in the wings. They lament how they are no longer able to jet off to Dubai  for shopping or London to attend orgies. They cry over their inability to gift cars like toys to their mistresses. They panic for not being able to continue be medical tourists. Imported goods are no longer available for them to buy. Private jets have become burdens. Impunity is becoming history. People now consider every naira before spending. They have an array of many other complaints about how things are no longer business as usual.

"They dare not show their faces to tell Nigerians, who are the true victims of the economic depression precipitated by their past administrations, about these things. So what did they do? They got consultants under the United Action for Democracy (UAD) and added other from smaller firms to stage protests that there is suffering in the land.
It is a fact there is economic recession. When UAD and its partners take to the streets to sing about the recession we should ask them what they contributed to creating the present situation. They should mention what they did to stop previous governments from plunging us into this mess. When top shots speak about not having money we should be bold to ask them what they do for their living – we must differentiate hangers-on that no longer have access to government patronage from long suffering Nigerians that were denied gainful employment by administrations that refused to diversify the economy.

"This is not denying the fact that there is economic resetting going on. It entails citizens no longer having access to slush funds.It entails hard work paying before cronyism. It entails people being ingenious in their thinking and becoming entrepreneurs as opposed to jingoist jobbers that were earlier promoted above competence.

"While UAD and the rest are crying hunger, Mr President has already commenced a Conditional Cash Transfer programme that is catering in part to the needs of the very poor through a monthly N5000 grant to each family. If these people are as hungry as they said they can sign up in the next batch of the programme, it is open to all indigent Nigerians.

"They do not have to insist their children stay on in private schools. If the parents have decided to keep chasing life of luxury they can at least enroll their children in public schools where they are guaranteed a quality meal each day of school under the Homegrown School Feeding scheme. No one has to pay for that and if they have the requisite they can bid to become suppliers of food either as farmers or as bulk suppliers. These are opportunities that Mr President has created.

"By now these protesters should be wondering why they struggled to find hungry youths to populate their protests. In case they do not know, it is because Mr President's N-Power programme is fixing young graduates with employers. They  are also getting monthly stipend of N30,000 while getting work experience that will shape a better future for them.

"The money going into these projects would have been stolen in the past with the chant that government has no business being welfarists. What they will not tell you is that the funds for these project were formerly pocketed by them. So it is okay for Nigeria to be welfarist when they are beneficiary but wrong when the masses benefit.

"They are also unhappy that the portion their friends and family stole are being diligently pursued for recovery under the anti-graft war in which Mr President has done excellently well. He has similarly done well with caging Boko Haram, which is why Nigerians are again able to congregate in large numbers whether for carnivals, this rally or the UAD protest without the fear of being blown up by terrorists – the exception of course being the northeast where our gallant troops are mopping up the terrorist escaping from the capture of Sambisa Forest.

Because we see things in the light of what benefits have come to the masses we dare to ask you to "Believe Baba". Believe in Mr President even when scare mongers see doom. Instead of joining their ranks we suggest Nigerians should rather think in terms of tangibles – like designing self help projects and pressuring the government into counterpart funding them. Instead of protesting we should have clear requests on which we can hold the government accountable.

"As Nigerians we should not allow the toxic lies of unhappy yesterday men make us lose sight of the great things happening around us. Where they see hardship let us see opportunities that are up for grabs.

Another speaker during the March, Solomon adodo who is the executive secretary of the empowerment for unemployed youths initiative eulogized the federal government on the payment of 5000 stipends to poor Nigerians

He advised the government to continue to embark on ventures that will improve the lives of Nigerians.
President Muhammadu Buhari has written the National Assembly, notifying the legislature of his 10-day leave and temporary transfer of power to Vice-president Yemi Osinbajo.

Senate President Bukola Saraki read Mr. Buhari’s letter, also forwarded to the House of Representatives, on Thursday.

The leave is between January 23 and February 6, making 10 working days, the President told the lawmakers through the letter read by Mr. Saraki at Thursday’s plenary.

It is the third time Mr. Buhari will be transferring power to Mr. Osinbajo to act as president, since the two leaders were inaugurated in May 2015.

The first time was in February 2016 when the President embarked on a five-day vacation; and the second time was in June 2016 when Mr. Buhari went on a trip to the United Kingdom for medical for treatment of what the Presidency called ear infection.

A formal notice to both chambers of the National Assembly to appraise the lawmakers of intention to go on leave and handover power temporarily to the vice-president is in compliance with Section 145 (1) of the Nigerian Constitution.
Information available confirm that President Muhammadu Buhari is very sick and has applied for a 10-leave to fix his health in a London hospital, sources at the State House, Abuja revealed to our reporter on condition of anonymity.
However, a letter read at the plenary of the Senate on Tuesday had claimed the President was going on leave starting from Monday, January 23, 2017.

Contrary to this claim, the President, our source says, has gone down in ill-health which informed his interest and desire to seek medical help overseas
Botswana has become the first African country to announce that it no longer recognises Yahya Jammeh as president of The Gambia.
The southern African made its position known in a statement issued on Thursday. It also called on the international community to mount pressure on Jammeh to step down.
“Following Mr. Yahya Jammeh’s refusal to hand over power to the President-elect Adama Barrow, in accordance with the expressed will of the Gambian people, the Government of Botswana announces that it will no longer recognise Mr. Jammeh as the President of Gambia, together with his Government.
“This decision which takes effect immediately is consistent with Botswana’s position as articulated through the Press Release of 16th December 2016.
“Mr. Jammeh’s decision not to respect the will of the Gambian people undermines the ongoing efforts to consolidate democracy and good governance in The Gambia and Africa as a whole. This is also in direct contravention of the spirit and aspirations of the African Union Constitutive Act.
“The Government of Botswana therefore continues to appeal to the international community to do all within its power to exert pressure on Mr. Jammeh to hand over power in order to ensure a smooth transition.”

Jammeh initially accepted the result of the election, but later made a U-turn, citing alleged irregularities.
Attempts of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to make him accept the will of the people did not yield the desired result.
Senegal gave Jammeh up until midnight of Wednesday to end his 22-year rule, but he called the bluff of the neighbouring country, where Barrow is to be sworn in at 4pm on Thursday.
The incoming president disclosed this on Twitter.
You are all welcome to my inauguration today 4pm at The #Gambian embassy in #Dakar.
— Adama Barrow (@BarrowOfficial1) January 19, 2017
Barrow left his country amid the political crisis. He was to take the oath of office on Gambian soil, but the 90-day state of emergency declared by his rival made it impossible.

Barrow enjoys the support of continental leaders.
The world press conference of a pro-Biafra group, the Indigenous People of Biafra led by the group's legal team defending its leader, Nnamdi Kanu and three other accused has commenced right in Abuja at exactly 1PM Nigerian Time.

The International media houses are currently in Abuja for this press conference involving the lead counsel of the group's legal team, Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Maxwell Okpara Esq., Barr. Inalegwu Adoga and Emmanuel Essene Esq.

More details shortly...
A top guider with the popular ponzi scheme, MMM has revealed the true reason why top investors have not been paid their money.
According to a report by DailyPost, the top guider said the move was done to sustain the system and make sure it doesn’t crash.
He further stated that the administrators are working seriously hard to ensure that those who invested millions are paid as soon as possible.
“We are processing, but can’t pay them now.” the top guider who wants to remain anonymous said.

He then added: “We need money in the system and that is why the increase in interest is on the cards so some can decide to leave their funds.
“That said, participants that have between N50,000 and N300,000 or so are being paid on a daily basis, you can do your findings.”
The top guider also explained that information on the introduction of bitcoins will soon be made available to all members soon on how to activate and use it.
Aliko Dangote has shut down his new tomato paste plant in Kano due to a shortage of dollars needed to import raw materials, a senior executive has said.
This is the second of such closures in months, in a blow to the Federal Government’s drive to diversify the economy.
President Muhammadu Buhari frequently speaks of ending Nigeria’s dependency on oil exports by boosting food production, repeating his mantra:
“We must produce what we eat.”
But the country is mired in recession and struggling with dollar shortages due to low oil prices.
Entrepreneurs say the crisis has been worsened by the central bank’s decision to keep an artificially high exchange rate, which has dried up dollar supplies, forcing firms to buy them on the black market at a 40 per cent premium.
“Where the foreign exchange is not available, we are cutting down our operations. For example, we had a tomato-based processing plant, we have shut it down,” Devakumar Edwin, a senior executive with Dangote’s business, told Reuters in an interview.

Tomato paste is a staple food in Nigeria but the country imports much of its supplies from China.
Dangote’s plant opened only last year amid much talk from officials predicting a new era of Nigeria producing its own tomato paste, displacing costly imports.
The dollar scarcity has also forced Dangote to cut down on other food businesses such as flour milling, sugar refining and vegetable oil refining, Edwin said.
The tomato plant may reopen once the company is able to source raw tomatoes locally, he said.
In November, Erisco Food closed a tomato paste plant in Lagos, eight months after opening it, due to a shortage of hard currency needed to import raw materials. Some 1,500 staff members reportedly lost their jobs.
Erisco had hoped the government would support local producers by banning imports of tomato paste, as it had done in the past with cement or some fruits to help manufacturers.
The nation produces around 1.5 million tonnes of tomatoes a year but the bulk of them begins to rot before they get to the market due to poor roads and storage facilities.
NIGERIA'S  Deputy Senate President, Dr. ‎Ike Ekweremadu, says President Muhammadu Buhari has exceeded his legal powers for deploying Nigerian troops in a planned operation to oust the longstanding ruler, President Yahya Jammeh.
He faulted the President's action describing it as a sheer constitutional breach for not seeking the approval of the National Assembly as provided by the constitution before deployment of troops to the West African country for a military campaign.
Nigerian troops and fighter‎ jets were deployed in Senegal for the enforcement of a resolution of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to remove Yahya Jammeh if he refused to leave office as the president of the Gambia.
Ayodele Famuyiwa, spokesman for the Nigeria air force, on Wednesday confirmed the deployment to Senegal, as part of Nigerian contingent of Economic Community of West African States military intervention in Gambia (ECOMIG), a standby force tasked by ECOWAS heads of state to enforce the December 1, 2016, election mandate in The Gambia.
“The NAF today moved a contingent of 200 men and air assets comprising fighter jets, transport aircraft, light utility helicopter as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft to Dakar from where it is expected to operate into Gambia. The deployment is also to forestall hostilities or breakdown of law and order that may result from the current political impasse in The Gambia,” he said.

However, raising a point of order on the floor of the senate on Thursday, Chukwuka Utazi, a senator from Enugu state, pointed‎ out the illegality of the president’s action.
He said, according to the constitution, the national assembly must be briefed before troops are deployed in any country.
But Senate President Bukola Saraki only noted his argument, saying the president had at least seven days to inform the national assembly before deploying troops in a foreign country, and that that window had not elapsed.
However, Ekweremadu‎ rose to explain that the constitution made it clear that the president must inform the national assembly before deploying troops in a foreign country – that is, before taking the action.
His argument was noted and recorded against the President in a series of previous constitutional breaches since he became president of Nigeria.
We reported a few days ago , no fewer than 100 innocent civilians were killed in an accidental air strike by men of the Nigerian Air Force of ‘Operation Lafiya Dole’ in the North-East, in a coordinated attack on a supposed group of terrorists gathering in Kala Balge Local Government Area of the state.
The air strike was reportedly carried out on one of the Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, camps in Rann, the headquarters of Kala Balge council, in which civilians were killed, while two soldiers, staff of International Committee of Red Cross, ICRC and Medicine San Frontiers, were critically wounded.
While speaking on the tragic incident a news conference held at the Theatre Command Headquarters of Operation Lafiya Dole on Wednesday, Major-General Lucky Irabor, said upon receiving an intelligence report that some Boko Haram elements were regrouping in Kala Balge Local Government Area of Borno State, he quickly ordered men of the Air Force to address the problem.
According to Vanguard, he regretted that the strike was conducted in the area, and unfortunately locals and other civilians were killed alongside remnants of insurgents, who were regrouping.

“This morning (yesterday), we received reports about gathering of Boko Haram terrorists somewhere in Kala Balge Local Government area of Borno State. We got a coordinate and I directed that the air should go to address the problem.
“Unfortunately, the strike was conducted but it turned out that the locals somewhere in Rann were affected.
“We are yet to get the details of the casualties. But we heard that some civilians were killed, others were wounded and we also have two of our soldiers that were also wounded. Among some that were wounded were local staff of the Medecines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) as well as ICRC,” Irabor said.
Also confirming the incident, military spokesperson, Brigadier-General Rabe Abubakar confirmed the incident but explained that it was an error that the military deeply regrets, adding that soldiers got information of movement of Boko Haram members and deployed ground troops and air cover to tackle the terrorists.
It was the air support that mistakenly dropped the bomb, he said.
It was further learned that the state government has already ordered all hospitals in Maiduguri to be prepared to receive and promptly treat the injured. Also, an International Red Cross, ICRC, helicopter has been deployed to the camp to evacuate the wounded to the various hospitals.
President Muhammadu Buhari has written to the Senate to notify the legislature of his intention to proceed on leave between January 23 and February 6, 2017.

 A letter read by the President of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki, said the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, will be Acting President during the period.
Details later…
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